brody weaver

is an artist, writer, and educator living and learning in kjipuktuk, born and raised in Southwestern Ontario.

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brody weaver

is white-settler artist, writer, and educator living and learning in kjipuktuk (colonial name “Halifax, Nova Scotia) born and raised in Southwestern Ontario.

video and film
installation and performance
books and print


Born in a Body

Elliot Ciz and Brody Weaver
Documentary film

Project participants:
Aron Shaw
Brody Weaver
Carmel Farahbakhsh
Elliot Ciz
Grey Muldoon
Mable Munroe
Marley O’Brein
Wren Tian

Selected stills.

Born in a Body (2023) was installed in the group exhibition Test Test? at the Centre for Art Tapes from March 4th-17th and screened at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia on March 9th.

To request this documentary for film festival programming or other screenings, please email
In Born in a Body (2023), Elliot Ciz and Brody Weaver present an experimental documentary focusing on trans people and their relationships to healthcare. Structured in three parts, the film features dialogue from interviews with one another and seven community members, bringing viewers and listeners on a journey from Sherbourne Health in Toronto to Clinic 554 in New Brunswick and Truro Pride. Disrupting the medicalization of the trans community, the lived experiences and knowledge of this group position trans people as experts of their own lives, bodies, and (medical) needs to reconsider pathologization, typologies of (in)access, generational differences, systems change, and what might be possible when we see trans healthcare as one component of a larger project of wellbeing.


Brody Weaver
Single channel video

To view the full video, see vimeo.
In this video, Brody offers a partial history of gender dysphoria. Made shortly after she began taking gender affirming hormone therapy, this video essay is a reflective consideration on the medicalized nature of trans identity and the deficit model of trans healthcare compared to the tenets of disability justice. In it, she works to re-frame the individuating diagnosis of “gender identity disorder” as a collective trauma experienced by all people, cisgender and transgender, who are forced to live within a binary sex/gender system.

For the Record / A Pride Flag is Still a Flag

Brody Weaver
Single channel video with digital print

See the full video on vimeo.
This video reframes Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s national apology delivered November 28th, 2017 in so-called “Ottawa.” In this address, Trudeau offers condolences to “LGBTQ2” members of the Canadian Armed Forces, RCMP, and federal public service who were surveilled and often fired as a measure of “national security” from the 1950s and into the end of the twentieth century. In this work, the use of terms such as “police force,” “citizens,” and “foreign service” are highlighted to underscore the ways in which this supposed act of justice emboldens nationalism and figures a socially and economically privileged (white) queer subject.

An Archive for Gaby

Brody Weaver and Gaby Weaver
Single channel video

View the full video on vimeo.
This is a video about being documented as a child. It is about how early gendered associations creep into our treatment of one another, what we assume is of value, and what we try to hide. 

It is through photographing select aspects of family life and child rearing that parents are able to document their family's relation to social goods. These goods circulate as normative markers of a family's success, of a mother’s industriousness, of a father’s prowess. In this process, queerness is cleansed from early family collections as it exists in opposition to the imagined good life. At this junction, where do we look for queer evidence? Why do we look?

In failing to locate an archive, we accidentally made one. In this process, we collaboratively dug into our family’s informal “archive”, selecting materials from family photo albums and beyond to construct a narrative that reclaims our gender variance.
– Brody Weaver and Gaby Weaver

Future Archive: PrEP

Brody Weaver and the PrEP Action Committee of Nova Scotia
Single channel video

View the full video on vimeo.
This video was made a year before Gilead Science’s patent on an HIV/ AIDS treatment medication, PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis), expired in September 2020. Before this date, this pharmaceutical company had a monopoly on the production and sale of this life saving medicine and abused this power for profit.
    This work imagined a future wherein the patent has expired and exists in the archive alongside other examples of neglect and violence at the hands of state institutions and corporations. Appropriating conventions from archival science, it uses the archive as a form and space of thought, negotiating platform, history, and activism. 
    This project involved consultation with the Nova Scotia PrEP Action Committee of Dalhousie University, led by Dr. Matthew Numer. 

Further reading on PrEP, HIV and Nova Scotia in 2018:
> MacLean, Alexa. “’HIV rates could increase’: Sexual health panel calls for universal medication funding.” Global TV, 25 July  2018.
> MacLean, Alexa. “HIV ‘outbreak’ in N.S. continues to rise as awareness week kicks off.” Global TV, 29 Nov.  2018.

Local advocacy groups:
> PrEP Nova Scotia
> AIDS Coalition of Nova Scotia